Project Description

“They really do understand our business and its processes.  They help us to develop and improve them as well as being The Lawyers”

Wizard transforms contracts for payroll outsourcer

Processing customer contracts can be an important job that you need to get very right.

Ceridian UK is a payroll/HR outsourced services company whose customers rely on it to ensure that over two million British employees (and many millions more around the world) are paid regularly, accurately and on-time.  For these organisations, the cost of getting this wrong means that a contract of services is much more than mere formality.

“We provide payroll services to anyone from the biggest retailers to a single garage owner”. says Ceridian UK Contracts Manager Helen Brown.  “This may involve dealing with some complex issues that have to be captured accurately in the services contract.  It also means that these agreements can very much attract the attention of our customers’ lawyers”.

The contracts used by Ceridian were typical of many standard templates.   Each had to be tailored, often extensively, to the customer (time consuming) and contained significant amounts of commercially redundant legal content (client unfriendly).  This created the potential for delays and inaccuracy.

Based on HotDocs  software click here for HotDocs case study which was then tailored and developed initially by Drayson Law MD Charles Drayson, the solution to both problems was branded internally by Ceridian as The Contracts Wizard.   Ceridian sales executives provide answers to an interactive questionnaire and the wizard immediately produces a draft contract tailored in every respect to the customer’s requirements.

Any queries or negotiations are handled by a small team of non-lawyers recruited internally and trained to use the system, at lower cost to the company.  They are able to handle the vast majority of contract issues which arise.  The Contracts Wizard contains specific features which allow them to respond to negotiations without needing legal drafting skills.

With the wizard, Ceridian customers now receive speedier, more accurate and business-like contracts: they are happier.  Contract cycle times have speeded up so Ceridian sales staff are on board too.  Drayson Law continues to provide ongoing assistance in the maintenance and improvement of the system on a fixed fee basis, as well as advice for the larger, more complex deals that require bespoke legal attention.

“Drayson Law is quite a different firm” according to Helen Brown.  “There is no rigidity of thinking in their approach, and they are very commercial as well as being legal and IT experts!  Their work on The Contracts Wizard has provided a secure basis for millions of pounds of our business and we have successfully concluded tens of thousands of contracts using it.  There aren’t many law firms I know of that can make such a direct and continuing contribution to the bottom line of their clients”.