Project Description

We get extraordinary value from what the firm does for us.  It has enabled us to become a successful business

Help to conclude contracts with the big guns

As a small company, supplying enterprise software that enables some of Europe’s largest large corporates to run their multi-million pound service centres can be a serious business from the start.

eNate Ltd. is just such a British company. Established in its current form in 2008, the company is today a rapidly expanding £2 million-plus business serving major companies like Capgemini and Capita.

“We set up with an almost instant requirement to have professional, safely structured contracts in place – which had to be developed and negotiated very quickly!” recalls eNate CEO Kit Cox. “Why? Well from the start, we were asking some big, highly reputable organisations to trust us with their business’s operational viability. The contracts were a crucially visible element of that trust for which we recruited expert help.”

Having previously done business with Drayson Law ‘across the table’ and been impressed, eNate turned to the firm to help fulfil this pressing need. In doing so, the company was able to tap into a depth of IT experience that gave them the requisite credibility and a successful kick-start in the industry.

According to Kit Cox, “Drayson Law does not just provide us with the legal nous and confidence to contract with our big customers; the firm helps us craft commercial solutions that are fair to all parties, rather than fruitlessly arguing over points of legal principle or sitting on the fence when commercial decisions need to be made.”

Today, Drayson Law provides a range of commercial contracts advice, including Reseller and Introduction Agreements, as well as assisting in the negotiation of long term contracts with the company’s big BPO vendor customers.

The firm has also introduced eNate Ltd to expert software that allows them to draft more straightforward contracts themselves.  Most recently, Drayson Law led negotiations with a Chinese electronics company looking to utilise eNate’s software. Consulting with Chinese lawyers, Drayson provided successful, pragmatic advice on protecting the company’s Intellectual Property rights in what is currently a difficult and uncertain market place context. The prospect of overseas deals in India now beckons.

“What we like about the firm is that they are true IT contract specialists” concludes Kit Cox. “If we have a legal need outside of this area, they will help – but only by referring us to selected affiliates who are also experts in their field.”

“Drayson Law has worked on every contract that we have concluded from the beginning: all are still in place and the business is thriving. That says it all.”