Project Description

“We work in a high-pressure environment that can need in-depth legal advice quickly and accurately.  We get it!”

Enzen is a global innovative, knowledge-based energy and utility enterprise serving the Gas, Power and Water sectors. It provides outcome-based turnkey solutions, blending industry best practices and leading edge ideas with a continuous focus on exceeding customers’ expectations. Established in 2006, the company has recorded exponential growth through delivery of committed and assured business outcome at all times. Its services are in high demand, and this has helped the company to grow in the UK to a size of 400+ staff to date.

The regulatory environment that Enzen works in demands quick response and tangibility towards business outcomes and when they are delivered for its customers.

Initially, Enzen used a number of law firms to help it conclude business agreements: but there was something missing.

We need a firm that understands our business as well as the intricacies of contracting with both large customer organisations and the business partners who help us deliver an integrated service” according to Anilbabu Rajaram, Enzen’s Head of Finance

Working with Drayson Law has added a new dimension to Enzen’s business relationships, utilising their ability to see deals ‘in the round’.  The company relies on the Drayson Law team to read beyond the words in an email, looking at it from each side’s perspective.  In some instances, rightfully, this is to protect the company’s commercial interests.  But it is also to ensure that Enzen recognises the importance of sharing risk and safeguarding the reputation of customers – for whom the stakes can be very high.

Enzen also very much appreciates the timeliness and responsiveness of Drayson’s lawyers.  “The tight time frames that we work within mean that an ‘answer machine’ service just isn’t good enough”, according Mr. Rajaram. “I know that we can get a view on the pros and cons of a contract within hours because the lawyers make themselves available.  It’s a 100% commitment.  And they are not at all afraid to challenge our assumptions – for our own good!

Summing up the relationship with Drayson Law, he says: “There is a clear fit between us.  For the projects that we work on our aim is to make gas, power and water available, affordable and sustainable.  That is what Drayson Law gives us”.