Project Description

“We were so impressed with their business acumen that we hired them for it.  How often does that happen with a law firm?”

Making it bigger in the USA (and more)

Today, HotDocs is the recognised global leader in document generation (automation and assembly) technology, having over one million users worldwide – including 80% of the Am Law 200, 20% of the Fortune 500, as well as enterprises and government agencies of all sizes.

However, just four years ago, it was part of Lexis Nexis (in turn, owned by FTSE giant Reed Elsevier PLC) and was about to be acquired by the owners of a hi-tech SME based in Scotland.

“A UK business buying a US business doesn’t happen often, so it was a huge ask for us as a company and management team” according to HotDocs Commercial Director Gary Eunson.  “We had no experience of that process or of running and operating a US entity.  So we needed expert business and legal help to complete the acquisition”.

Having known of and seen Drayson Law in action, the HotDocs team were aware of the international IT industry experience that the firm possessed, as well as its legal expertise and knowledge of the HotDocs product offering click here for Ceridian case study.  Led by MD Charles Drayson, the firm provided guidance, research and advice to assist with the acquisition of HotDocs – sourcing not just legal advice on the purchase, but implementing practical and hands-on tax, employment, healthcare and other vital set-up actions in America.

“Given the pressure the acquisition placed on our resources, Drayson provided us with an outsourced General Counsel and legal team, in addition to organising the new company to make it fit for purpose and operational” says Eunson.

Since the acquisition, Drayson Law continues to provide a range of legal services and commercial assistance as lead negotiators for framework and other agreements concluded with Fortune 100 Companies and other large customers.  The firm also handles licensing deals with HotDocs resellers and OEMs.

“For IT contracts, the Drayson team is particularly good at capturing risk and structuring legal points persuasively in a very commercial and market-focused way” says Eunson.  This service is provided flexibly, some of it on a retainer basis and some project-specific to provide the most cost-effective solution.”

In the USA, the firm has also assisted in the protection of HotDocs’ intellectual property and market reputation, warding off attempts by so-called ‘patent trolls’ to pursue spurious claims for compensation.

“What we like about Drayson Law is that they are tenacious, determined and not scared to tackle any of our legal or commercial challenges” concludes Mr Eunson.  “They are expert in their field and we trust them implicitly with our business”.