The entire focus of Drayson Law is business-to-business contracts for IT and Outsourcing.  Typical examples of our projects include:

Software licence agreements, including software licensed on a subscription basis as ‘software as a service’

Software development agreements

Data protection advice

Framework agreements for the supply of consulting and IT services

Agreements for software maintenance and support

Agreement templates which use document automation to deliver tailored contracts without lawyers (typically for organisations  needing repeat contracts designed for their specific range of products and services)

Outsourcing agreements

Ancillary agreements such as non-disclosure (confidentiality), contract assignment, and for novation service levels

Service descriptions

Agreements for use with value added resellers (VARs), distributors, OEM users and systems integrators

To maintain focus, we don’t usually work on consumer contracts.  Nor do we undertake litigation.

Sometimes, we have projects that require ancillary advice related to employment contracts, TUPE transfers, commercial property, and sale/purchase agreements.  For these, we team up with other, equally expert lawyers.  We don’t dabble in what we don’t know.